you need
  • - ID (passport);
  • - passport (if any);
  • - profiles;
  • - birth certificate;
  • - photos;
  • - medical health certificate;
  • - migration card;
  • - criminal record;
  • - diploma of education (if any);
  • - the basis for the stay in the country (the Russian visa, mark the migration registration);
  • - marriage certificate (or divorce);
  • - certificate of ownership.
The most common is a general method for obtaining citizenship.On his right to claim those persons who have attained 18 years of age and who are capable.They may have citizenship of another country either do not have it.To apply for such a document, you must live in the territory of the Russian Federation not less than five years.By the way, accommodation have to be continuous, which means not to leave the country f
or a period exceeding three months per year.
Another, no less important condition is established in compliance with all Russian laws and possess the necessary means of subsistence.In addition, the applicant for citizenship must master spoken and written Russian language.
As already mentioned, in addition to general, there is a simplified procedure for obtaining citizenship (it is carried out on an accelerated time frame).To use them, you need to apply to one of several categories of people.For example, you must have the highest achievements in culture, science, art, technology, or have a quite demanded in the Russian occupation.In such a case, the law allows you to live in the country for five years, and only a year.
Apply for the accelerated program are also eligible to foreigners or stateless persons who have at least one parent is a citizen of Russia.However, there can be found the restriction: in such a case, the parent must live in the country permanently.Please note that persons falling under this category are those who have lived in the Soviet Union and had its nationality.
get the desired document in a short time can be graduates of higher institutions in Russia, graduated from high school no later than June 2002.In addition, these persons must be nationals of the member-countries of the former Soviet Union.