Try to figure out the appearance of their names own.Select the root of it, from which it originated.Define the meaning of the word, that is needed to interpret the names .You have to find explanations that are in the dictionaries of various dialects and references.
to see a specialist who can help you in this delicate matter.You can order the study in its entirety.They pinpoint the story names , ie provide information on when it appeared and from whom, and will show the way it spread.This is some kind of code or code that contains the knowledge of the roots of your family, as well as its meaning.
Talk to your parents.Ask them what they know about the descendants.Often families are transmitted tales of distant ances
tors.You might get lucky, and you'll learn a lot about their families, .
Start constitute family tree.It is performed in a certain scheme.On the Internet, look for the finished program and a template for the development of the genealogical tree.
If your relatives or distant relatives will not help with the right information, you can visit the city archives or library.You should be interested in different documents, including information on marriage, the data on birth and death.
Please note that it is necessary to spend a lot of time and effort.Choose the most distant ancestor, about which something is known.I'm sure you'll find something of honor and gratitude for success in work and study, a note in the local newspaper.The names may vary slightly, but this is normal.