you need
  • envelope, pen, internet access
Make sure that the six digits that you are going to write on the envelope - really a true index of destination.Each post office in the country corresponds to a combination of numbers and it is for this six-digit numeric code postal employees sort letter to be sent to other cities.To verify that the index is sufficient to use a database on the Internet or ask for help from an employee-mail.Calling the exact address, you get the right combination of numbers.
Write code destination in the lower right corner of an envelope in a specially designated box.If the envelope has
no labels and stamps, to write the index of destination should also be in the lower right corner of the name and address of the recipient.On the mailing envelope and also indicates the index of the sender.This information should be displayed in a special box in the upper left corner of the envelope.
Duplicate index destination in a special code stamp in the lower left corner of the envelope.Remember that the numbers in this field should strictly conform to the model, application on the back of an envelope.When an error or typo in the code index of sending your letter may be difficult.