you need
  • - LAN
  • - some money
investigated among relatives and even the most distant relatives.Need to know literally everything about their family life.Key facts that may be needed: a place of residence, occupation of parents, friends and relatives who had contact with their parents, the location at the time before the war, various details associated with it.You also need to learn about the pre-war life of the family and their prosperity.Information about the senior representative of that generation will also be useful.If possible, find out about the nature and habits of the parents of your relatives.And of course, you need to ask about life before the war and the subsequent fate of direct relative.
Record the best you can the informatio
n (preferably in English) in specialized programs.From offered free PAF, then you can already buy a more advanced features like RootsMagic, Ages, GenBox.You can specify not only the names but also some additional details of the lives of your family members alleged.
Search by recycling as much as possible the different information.You can look for information on places where your relatives lived, and communicate with people with similar names.Just a lot of ways, and also free portals, they are certainly going to help you.Various databases of immigrants from Eastern Europe, lists of immigrants to the United States in the nineteenth-twentieth century.As well as various domestic genealogy forums.Before you spend money on access to the archives, look good there.
start search in the archives.Access fee is only if you do not help either search online or trying to get in touch with prospective families.Archives work in several ways.You can access on the line or hire someone to look up information for you.This is convenient, because it is taken for professionals, but the cost of services may seem high.In any case, the choice is yours.