you need
  • Tea and water
  • kitchen gloves or tongs
  • knife
  • glue stick
best time-tested way to secretly open the sealed envelope - with the help ofsteam.Water vapor is easily dissolves the adhesive used to glue the edges of the envelope.For this purpose the plate to a boil water in a kettle.
Wearing oven gloves or using tongs, not to burn your hands, occasions adhesive reverse side of the envelope through the steam.So you soften the adhesive base where the envelope is sealed.
Drive the envelope over the steam for 15 seconds of time that the steam does not soak the paper.After the first 15 seconds, put the envelope on a dry surface.If the adhesive is not sufficie
ntly softened, re-move a envelope on the ferry back and forth to make sure that the bonded portion moistened throughout.If the envelope is too wet, remove it from the steam and then again repeat the procedure as soon as it dries.This can be done in about three minutes, otherwise the contents of the envelope, too, will start to soak.
use very thin or office kitchen knife, gently lifting his tip envelope taped to the edge.In no case do not tear the edge, it will give the fact that the envelope is opened.Typically, the edge, missed the glue is warm, soft and easy moves.
Take a letter, and then make changes in the content, or add additional pages that you forgot to put.
very carefully promazhte envelope glue stick for paper, if the old adhesive for the second time is not glued.You can use a thin double-sided tape.Try to re-sealing do not use liquid glue, because it is the most visible and easily smeared.Attentive recipient of the letters carelessly glued edges and sloppy strokes paper glue immediately guessed that the envelope was opened.