claim airline issued as a normal application.After all, in fact it is them.So first in the top right corner of the page, specify?whose name you submit your paper.As a rule, either directly to the head of the company-carrier (CEO, founder, executive director, executive, etc.), or it may be the chief of a specially created department of claim airlines.All the jewels of the responsible person, as well as the surname, name and patronymic of his you can either online or by calling in the call center company.You also need to register their contact details here.Do this, as precisely as possible so as not to delay the receipt of a response to its request.
Next is the middle of the sheet write "complaint".The ne
xt line, specify for what reason you are composing it.For example, a flight is delayed and incurred in connection therewith.Then move on to a more detailed exposition of the problem.
sure to include in your claim the essence of the situation and the requirements for the air carrier as well as the contact details and details of the bank (if you want to get your money back).Do not forget to clearly state the date and, if possible, the exact time of the incident.
is advisable before making a complaint to get acquainted with the basic provisions of the Air Code of the Russian Federation.If you find it difficult to get used to the special terminology, refer to the competent lawyer.It will help you to properly use citations and references to the articles of the law in your complaint.
Once you give details of all your claims to the carrier, go to the description of their claims.Here, it is desirable for the numbered paragraphs, to register all of its conditions.If the airline itself does not want to carry them out, after the court will be easier to decide what exactly you would like to receive as payment for moral damages.
is also advisable to attach to your claim even any evidence.For example, your flight was delayed for a day.For this you want a refund of their expenses, that you had to incur to buy food and pay for a hotel room.In this case, you need to collect all receipts and add them to the application.Do not forget to attach to the claim sheet listing the evidence provided.Be sure to put down the date when you made zayavlenie- claim , and Sight document.
Remember that the procedure for filing a claim is governed by Article 124 aviapervozchiku Air Code of the Russian Federation.Under this provision, you should submit your application at the airport of departure or destination (where you want).Send your you can claim the representative of the airline.However, be prepared for the fact that the representative does not want to take your statement.In order to still the case got a stroke, you need to be more urgent.
also his claim you may file in the office of the airline, for example, if you did not find the representative of the airline at the airport.Make your claim in duplicate.One of them you have to pass directly to the defendant and the other to keep the mark with the airline that the instance is valid.
case where the airline does not want to take you your application or do not put a mark on the receipt, locate the two witnesses who will confirm this fact.It is necessary to then in the event of litigation you might have to fight for their rights.
If suddenly you can not bring a claim yourself, then send it by mail.In this case, send a copy of the registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.It will also be proof that your application reached the addressee.