Windows operating system is responsible for blocking the ports to the Internet Connection Firewall.This application is used for maximum protection system against malicious software and unnecessary loss of traffic on their network.The firewall blocks unused gates.
Go to "Start" - "Control Panel."In the window that opens, click on the search box and enter the query "firewall."Among these results, select "Firewall Windows».
In the left part of the application, select "More Options."Next, click on the link "Inbound Rules", then use the menu "New Rule".
Wizard will open rules.Select "For programs", you can open up the possibility to send and receive data through a specified port.If y
ou click on the link "to the port" you specify the number to open the floodgates.If you need to unlock a few system resources, enter the desired range (for example, 51000 - 51005).The menu item "Custom" you can allow access to a specific port to multiple programs.
If you open more than a gateway is not used, it must be closed in order not to expose the system of hazard.In the middle of the window, "Inbound Rules" select created before the rule for the program, and then disable it with the right mouse button.
Status open ports can be checked using the console command netstat.To enter it, open the console via the menu "Start" - "All Programs" - "Accessories" - "Command Prompt."