unique visitors (also called the visitor with unique IP-addresses) - a man who has come to the site for a certain period of time.If in the same interval, he will visit the resource again, it would not be considered unique.

However, this concept has important features.Unique visitors called the user who visited the site with a specific computer with your IP-address.If you sit at another computer and log into the same resource, your visit will again be considered unique.

In addition, the visitor can be not only a person.Search robots spam bots, programs that simulate real user - their visit are also recognized as unique.Speaking about imitating, experts are referring to the data that are taken into account counters that are installed on the site: IP-address, the source of the traffic, browser, etc.

meters (Yandeks.Metrika, Google Analy
tics) determine the number of unique visitors and their behavior: The number of pages viewed, the sequence of the show, time on site, and other indicators.Why

site unique visitors?

number of sites on the Internet is huge, but they can be divided by purpose.Some resources are made for people and provide them with useful information, while others are designed to generate income for their owners.But in any case a unique visitor to the site owner will bring huge benefits: the advertisers who choose the site for the promotion of their services, pay attention on the traffic.

In the area of ​​online advertising is especially appreciated is the number of unique visitors to the site at which such advertising will be placed.The logic is simple: the more real visitors a resource, the more likely that they are interested in the advertisement.

How to attract unique visitors?

This problem can be solved by honest or "gray" methods.In the first case conducted site promotion in search and social networks, organized its contextual advertising.In general, it can be used any honest method to attract the attention of users.

«Grey" is an artificial way to cheat the number of unique visitors.Enlarge figure can be programmatically or by systems of active advertising.Site visitors will rise nominally, but a real interest in him rises.Therefore, experts advise to refrain from such practices.