where you can meet interesting people and chat with their old friends and relatives.You can also add friends to mail ru, if you like.Users can upload their own photos and pictures to assess the members of the social network if they are available for viewing.Over time, gain experience, you will be an experienced user of this social network and be able to fully utilize all of its functionality.To learn

mail, click the icon @ your desired person.Then, in the menu that appears, tap "Copy link address".
tab "Mail" in which click "write a letter". Then click the right mouse button on the field "To" and select "paste." The last part of the inscription and the type имя_пользователя@mail.ruwill be the em
ail of your friend that you would like to know. Now you will be able to communicate with one another via text correspondence and learn the latest news from his life. Using this algorithm of actions, you can find e-mail addresses of their friends from the network "My World". Recordor remember them, then you can use these addresses for personal correspondence.
If you still do not know how to find e-mail each other, and the above method does not cure you, contact yourfriend or relative who has previously figured out the problem. Well learn all the features and functions of the social network "My World." If you suddenly become something is not clear, friends mail ru sure to come to your aid and explain the principle of operation of a particularoption.
The variety of functional social networking site allows you to watch movies and listen to your favorite music right in your browser without running additional software.If you have a webcam, you can communicate with anyone through video chat, which is a kind of analogue of the program Skype, but has a much better functionality.In any case, the level of services provided to users like any age and social status.This in terms of "My World" is not inferior to other social networks.