you need
  • - time;
  • - money.
create multiple partitions on the forum.Fill them with fresh posts, preferably every day.Answer and comment on any responses visitors, try to help them if they have questions.This will help to attract active users who do not want to leave the friendly forum.Let ordinary visitors comment on the news.This will help increase the number of messages.
Try to arrange the debate to every user wanted to leave their own opinion.This will increase the interest from visitors who want to see the arguments of each side, and the number of posts.Write not only in the new sections, but also in the old, where you can start a new debate and revive forgotten temu.Chem longer discussion sections, the large and active forum seems
Make user rating system, which will display the number of messages and status.Such a move would help interested visitors will wish to become the most famous commentator.For newcomers to the forum do different promotions and bonuses to help you catch up with the known users.Organize competitions, where gifts will be awarded the most active commentators months.
make payment for each comment if you just opened a forum.So you can begin to develop specific topics, where very few messages.Promise cash bonus for the achievement of 500 posts.Each user will seek to achieve this magic figure, leaving comments on the forum.