Decide on the type of product that you will submit in his shop.Find one or more suppliers, who will be buying this product.Ask how and where you can get it: purchasing at the warehouse or to make individual purchases the piece.Calculate the price at which you sell goods and, therefore, what will be an extra charge.
Pick a name for your store that is stored on the Internet at the web address.Try to pick up easily pronounced and well-remembered name, try to reflect the product category.Register a domain name for the shop with the help of a special service, use, for example, the services of InSales.
range and selecting a name, go directly to the opening of the store network.To do this on the front page of the same service, create a test store.This account within two weeks will be free.Then you can activate it and turn it into a full-fledged shop.To do this, fill out the registration form, click on "Create a shop."It is now available for filling goods and settings.
Adjust design.The system allows for InSales store as standard templates and custom design.Standard templates can be free to customize logos, change the color, move the menu items and a variety of blocks.
Set up payment options.If you plan to send the goods to the regions, connect the acceptance of electronic payments and cards.Connect payments aggregator capable of receiving payments in various ways: through plastic cards, payment terminals, electronic and SMS payments.Also specify delivery options.
After setting up shop to start its promotion: using contextual advertising, SEO-optimization, comments on social networks and forums, trading platforms (eg Yandex. Market).