you need
  • network cable, AC adapter.
To begin, create a miniature local area network consisting of two computers or laptops (possibly also a combination of computer + laptop).
Select the equipment to be provided with direct access to the Internet .Pay attention to the fact that it must contain at least two network adapters.Otherwise, buy the desired number of network cards.
Connect between both computers (laptop).Use a network cable.
Open on the first computer network adapter settings connected to another PC.Go to the properties of the protocol TCP / IP.In this menu change only one parameter: Activate option "Use the following IP-address" and set its value, for example,
connect to another network card cable connections to the Internet th.Configure this connection so that it matches the requirements of the provider.Make sure you have access to Internet have.
Open the properties of the connection.Select "Access".Check the box next to the item "Allow other network computers use to connect to the Internet from this computer."Save the settings.
Be the first computer.Its setup is complete.Go to the properties of the TCP / IP protocol of the second network adapter PC.The following are configuration parameters whose values ​​are derived from the IP-address of the network card of the first computer: - - IP-address;
- automatic assignment of subnet mask;
- - Default gateway;
- - Preferred DNS-server.
Save settings.Check access to the Internet have.