you need
  • - computer with internet connection;
  • - check on the mail server;
  • - mail client;
  • - text editor.
At the dawn of e-mail, almost all use the special mail clients.Many have kept this habit to this day.Programs like Outlook Express or The Bat allows not only to collect correspondence from all mail servers that you use, but also to keep letter on your computer.
Create a folder for emails.This can be done in any section of the hard drive, but it is better to use one that does not affect, for example, to reinstall the system.This is especially true if you are going to keep the really important letter .
open letter in the mail client.In the top menu find the very first tab.In Outlook Express, i
t is the "File" in The Bat - Ā«LetterĀ».Find the function "Save as".If the letter is no attachment, stand on the appropriate line with the mouse.You will see a window asking you to select the location where you want to keep your important emails .Select the desired directory and save it in the desired format.In some clients this may be as a mail or text format.
Investing better to keep separate.The corresponding option is in the same tab.For investments, you can create a folder or save them to the same place and do letter .
If you want to save your own sent a letter, proceed in exactly the same way.Locate the tab, and in it - a proposal to deal with your message.
When working with web-based business is a little different.Attachment You can download the same way as any other file from the Internet.Open letter to the attachment via a browser.Somewhere next to the attachment (usually under it), you will find a link "Save attachment", "Download" or something like that.Click on it.In the window that opens, select a directory on your computer, designed for these files, and save what you have sent.It is useful to check the contents for viruses.
As for the text itself, it is not always possible to allocate the desired letter from the crowd, to keep it in a separate folder on the server at least.Rambler provides the opportunity for the majority of other mail servers there once and for a specific set of folders.Therefore, important correspondence is best to keep on your computer.Open letter.Select the text.Stand with the mouse on the selection and right-click.Select "Copy."
Open any text editor.Insert it is copied to the clipboard.Save the document as a short but clear title in a convenient format.