you need
  • - search engines;
  • - services for webmasters.
Read the rules laid down for the registration of the search engine sites.Usually they are on the page, add site in the search engine.
To facilitate the process of making the same type of data when registering in the different search engines, prepare in advance a text document, which fill in the basic information about the site: address, name, description, your contact information and email address.
Select keywords that will be used for the appearance of your site to issue various search engines.Optimize your Web pages of your site for selected keywords.
Provide all links site .Check the connectivity of all the p
ages together, with the main page should lead 2-3 with links on each page.Broken links can lead to that the page site not be indexed by search engine robots.
Set file Robot.txt.Determine the allowed and forbidden for indexing pages site .Close by indexing scripts folder and file you want to download site visitors .
Prevent indexing all versions of pages site , that duplicate existing ones, for example, a printer friendly version.Otherwise, the index may be more of the same page with different addresses.Search engines have a negative attitude to duplicate.