you need
  • application, contract, computer, cable
Before applying, check whether you have connected your home to Internet have (all addresses listed on the site" Beeline a").There you can view a copy of the contract for the provision of telecommunications services and forms subscriber.
Leave the application on the official website or by calling 8-800-700-8000 (free).
The contract can be signed at the dealer or at the offices of " Beeline ".In official documents indicated that the signing of the agreement and its attendant market operator is entitled to use the fax
method of reproducing the signature by means of copying.As part of the service contract subscriber is provided with access to the "My Account" on the company's website, and in doing
so he is obliged to at least once a week to monitor the information posted by the operator in the "My Account" on the site of the service " Beeline ".In the "Personal Account" and you can choose the most convenient rate.
Once you connect the network cable to your computer, all network settings are set automatically.The easiest way to pay online home from " Beeline " - buy a single payment card of a mobile operator (of any value), and then activate it in the "Dashboard."You can also pay online through terminals, credit card, with "Yandex-money" or mobile payment, etc.