you need
  • - own website
  • - site, promotional materials you would like to install
Register online advertising system as a web master, pointingthe address of the site , e-mail and other necessary data.Wait until your registration is approved by the moderator, and you will get full access to the system.
Sign, advertising which you need to place on its own resources under their own login and password.Go to the section with promotional materials.Select the promotional material, suitable for the size and content of your site.Advertisers
can attract visitors via banners - static or animated images, teasers (images with captions), the text information.All of these materials are references.which lead the visitor to the advertiser's site.
Copy the code placed next to the selected material and insert it in the right place at the site.Now at this point the site will show the desired ad unit.
If the materials submitted online advertising system, you are not satisfied, you can draw your own ad units.Usually this is a reference block and is placed inside the HTML-tag & lt; a & gt;& lt; / a & gt ;.To create your own banner take the appropriate picture, pour it on your site as a file and the link to the picture.Enter it into the HTML-code: & lt; a href = "There will be a link to the third-party site" & gt; & lt; img src = "Here enter the link to your image" & gt; & lt; / a & gt;Now, click on the image,
If you want to make on the advertiser's site visitors through a transition by clicking on a word or phrase, then write code like this: & lt; a href = "Here is a link to a third partySite "& gt; & lt; you write the word or phrase & gt; & lt; / a & gt;
When editing the code of advertising material, note that in the first part of recorded affiliate ID - a number or a word that can have this kind of: & amp; refid = ... or? P = ... ThisEntry in any case do not remove, since its absence in the code would lead to the loss of the partner remuneration.Therefore, when creating your own promotional materials change only the central part of the code, ie,that arranged between the angle brackets.